Disclaimers are weak, consider a ‘claimr’

Don’t use a weak-assed disclaimer – claim your words and thoughts with a claimr!



a statement of ownership, recognising that one is responsible for what one says and that one cannot be responsible for what other people say or supply.

Opinions are expressed in the safe knowledge that everyone understands that opinions come from the author. Information from other people is shared with the understanding that everyone’s needs are different, and everyone’s experiences are different. Sharing is good; breaking copyrights is bad.

A mature way of saying ‘this is me; here are some ideas’.

Example Statement


Disclaimers are rather negative, don’t you think?

I’m very happy to claim my opinions and the ideas on this blogsite as mine and mine alone. You’re visiting my site and I’m pleased to share my thoughts with you. Check out my copyright statement to find how I like to share.

For more about positive claimers, visit claimr

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