Would you like to team up to write about internal communications?

I’ve been writing about comms for years now, and seriously talking about good practices for over a year. Considering Chris Brogan’s prediction that solos will need to consolidate and collaborate in 2010, I’d like to throw out an idea and invitation to you.

lego-doughIf you’re working within an Internal Communications department, would you like to join me and write about comms (writing, intranet, email, presenting, scripts etc.) here at kilobox communiqué?

I write for fun and passion, not fun and profit. We might well discuss affiliate schemes, but it’s unlikely kilobox communiqué will ever become a nest egg generator.

I guess I’m looking for someone who really values Twitter and all the internal communicators using tweets to express themselves and share tips.

I guess it would be nice if we’ve at least ‘heard’ of each other online.

What would you be looking for? Is it niaive of me to think that we could simply blog around each other, touching on a variety of topics close to our hearts under the umbrella of ‘internal comms’? Would we need an ‘agreement’, a ‘memorandum of understanding’ to ensure the rights of our work is protected?

Maybe I’m too dreamy – maybe my ambitions to co-write books (physical and e) and tag-team each other in our blog’s comments section is too idyllic. Maybe there’s the whole ‘forming, storming and norming’ process to go through, with all the associated friction. Maybe relationships need to be built in real life, over coffee and shared projects. Maybe there’re things to discuss like IP and domains and what-not that I haven’t thought about.

So I’m just putting it out there. What do you think?

Have you got a blogsite about internal comms that gets zero hits? Maybe you’d just like a platform to publish your articles. Maybe it’s no big deal to blog alongside a colleague like me, maybe it’s just a case of sharing ‘virtual office space’ while we write and express our thoughts about our key subjects.

I don’t know, so I’m publishing this invitation before the pessimistic logical side of me says to ‘wait a little and plan more’.

Too late! I’ve just had a terrible thought! How would I say ‘no thank you’ to anyone who accepted my invitation!? Listen, even if you don’t need my invitation, please advise me in the comments!

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