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Second of a Two Parter on personal and professional projects and how we define what they’re about.

(This is the second half of this purpose / project topic, you’re welcome to reflect on the first part; ‘The summary of your abstract is your elevator pitch‘.

If you’re writing a ‘Welcome’ page or an ‘About Us’ page, of if you’re crafting a 200 page report or manual, you need to start with a clear introduction that lays out exactly what you’re talking about.

Project managers can be so close to their work that they can’t clearly explain what it is they’re expecting to achieve; they can’t explain what they do to people outside of their project team or tribe / community.

Reflecting on this yesterday, I realised that not only do we need to be skilled ‘abstract writers‘ but that we all run projects, personal and professional, and so we can all benefit from defining what it is we’re doing, and what we hope to achieve.

Your first task is to list out all the projects you’re running, or involved with. Just list them out, give them a snappy or a descriptive title and include all of them, even your ‘project’ to eat more fruit and that ‘project’ to help your kids read more books.

Then give each project a mission statement, where you lay out the principles that will guide you to success. If that’s too much for you at this stage, then just give each project a ‘purpose paragraph’ where you state what the ‘project’ is for, and how you’ll know when you’re near success.

Here’s my list of projects

Move house

We will move to a large house with garden space, well maintained rooms and a decent kitchen. It will be light and airy, but cosy as well. It will be close enough to the town and / or train station to walk. We’ll live their for a year or perhaps more. We’ll move in at the end of September at the very latest.

Maintain and develop kilobox communiqué

I will dedicate a portion of each and (almost every) day to the administration and development of kilobox communiqué, and write a new blog post nearly every day, for at least 12 months. I will secure writing and financial support.

Develop and maintain my virtual social crowd

I will continue to enjoy social media and develop relationships with people I would otherwise not be in contact with. My virtual social circle will grow each and every month, and will engage with me more frequently throughout 2008 and 09.

Care for my friends and loved ones

I will endeavour to attend every party and get together that my groups of friends arrange, while saving enough time to spend with my loved ones.

FirstSigns – voluntary work

I will continue to lead the FirstSigns voluntary organisation while developing the director(s) and volunteers within the organisation, to enable them to feel an important part of the organisation, and to literally take on more responsibilities in accordance with their abilities, desire and situation. I will write and publish more articles (this needs defining!) and attend to member needs and concerns as best I can. I will develop a habit / way of working for dealing with my FirstSigns email, and will contribute to the two Message Boards.

Project Cheerfulness

I will develop a visage at work so that people will see me as a carefree ‘can do’ person, who delivers beyond expectations under difficult situations while appearing to enjoy each challenge. I will hide my frustrations behind a mask and provide my internal clients with a consistent and stress free service.

Ants Online

I will maintain and update some pictures and blogs over 2008/09. I will include Google Adwords to take advantage of the popularity of my website and it’s live ant-cam, and reflect on any financial results.

My Novel

I will take all feedback from the beta readers and edit and develop my novel in order to prepare it for publishing. I will seek out an experienced Literary Agent with an interest in contemporary fantasy fiction, and push for a financially rewarding publishing.

Otherkin Community

I will dive in and develop my Otherkin community website in order to engage the community. Over time, they may well be the best readers of my book. I will reflect on the use of Google Adwords.

Chaos Magick

I will run and my Xaos Magick eBay shop until the New Year (09) and then reflect on the financial and social reward. Will I join the IOT? Can I be dedicated to magick on a daily basis as required?

The World or My Family and Other Animals?

I will reflect on whether I want to ‘see the world’ or whether I want to create my own world at home. Will I take advantage of being a DINKY (Dual Income No Kids Yet) and spend a lot of time and money on myself, flying around the globe and taking pictures of exotic locations, so I can feel I’ve ‘been there, done that’, or shall I spend my time developing a menagerie and a home-life suitable for young children and teenagers?
Do I want to take care of children, dogs, cats, rabbits, quail, tortoises and bees or shall I put these desires off for a few more years so I can pop to New York for the week?

This my project list as it stands, what’s your priority list look like?

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