Engaging intranet participants webinar – your invitation

I invite you to my webinar to discuss ‘user’ engagement and the intranet, and creating a successful participant based intranet.

Many ‘intranet users’ are actually only ever allowed to read the intranet, rather than actually use it. That does not make for an engaging intranet, nor does such a flat experience support the usual business objective of having an ‘engaged workforce’.

CrowdIt’s an up-hill struggle to convince people that such a one-way intranet is a success, whereas an intranet (and culture) that encourages involvement is more likely to be seen as a successful platform for work.

I’m hosting a webinar at the end of November to discuss how to involve people, and turn ‘readers’ into ‘participants’ who value the intranet. There are many elements that make up a great intranet, but I think the focus has to be on people. In my webinar presentation and discussion you’ll get to hear me rage against the machinery of the systems based culture where we reserve the intranet for the ‘few in the ivory tower’. I mean to tackle the purposes of an intranet and how they relate to people doing stuff, not reading about stuff.

If you’re interested in creating an intranet environment that is useful, usable and used by people across your organisation, or just want to steal some tactical ideas from me about how to create a slightly more relevant intranet, please come along to my webinar. I welcome queries before, during and after the show by any and all means.

Wednesday, 30th November, 2011
3pm – 4pm GMT / 11am – 12 noon EST

Read my ranting introductory article on the subject of intranet engagement and please reserve your place on the webinar.

  1. The only way to create a successful intranet – introductory blog article;
  2. Register for the online webinar – (relies on GotoMeeting – very easy, minimal technical fuss).
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