Help me help your intranet manager and comms team

Take a second to send a link to my website to your intranet manager / editor, in the hopes of brightening their day.

Do me a favour, and maybe one for your company. Would you consider mailing your intranet manager / editor or your Internal Communications team with a link to my website?

It can be a lonely position, caring for the intranet or managing internal comms channels. Budgets shrink along with the team size. Training and reference material becomes scarce, and is often dry and dull. Please consider showing some interest in their duties by sending my address over to them – I’m pretty sure they and I share some frustrations and I hope I provide some decent ideas on how to get things done better internally.

Of course, considering my readership it’s likely that you’re the intranet manager or channel manager, in which case, might I ask you to share some of my articles with your team mates, comms network and colleagues? Maybe you like my no-nonsense attitude but fear my irreverent tone is a little harsh at times – even though you like it… Well, your colleagues are adults too, I’m sure they’ll cope! Pass me on like a sekret note in class ;)

Maybe something like this:

I saw this and thought of you. Kilobox communiqué is a frequently updated blogsite that deals with intranet management and internal communications from a hands-on practitioner’s point of view. I think the author and you might share many a frustration! The blog deals with day-to-day challenges and offers good-practice guidelines while debating what works and doesn’t work so well. You can find it at

As you know, dear reader, personal recommendations mean a lot in this over-saturated world, so if you like my stuff, don’t just tweet it, send it over to the people who could really use a boost and some help.

I’d really appreciate it, and I hope your colleagues might too.

Cheers and thanks,


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  1. Have passed on to someone I know. I love reading the blog, Wedge, so I hope you get more people coming along and enjoying your words!

  2. Hey hi Dave, thanks for that, really.

    I stopped by at your Droids blog on Int Comms – couldn’t find your name / twitter name, but that’s cool. I suspect I’ve seen a picture of you in a kilt! Could that be you?

    I’m real pleased with people’s engagement; I’m so very pleased that people can find value in what I share.

  3. I *am* an intranet manager. So I sent your note to myself. You’re now on my ‘must read’ folder in Google Reader!

    I love your blog – keep it up.

  4. I have been trawling the web for advice and inspiration regarding Intranet Project Management. I am glad to have comme across your site.

    I am trying my darnest to implement a Social Intranet within a French company that views their employees as scurring ants to be controlled or crushed.

    Reading your site helped me keep my mind when I was sure I was about to lose it.

    I will try and find the time to translate what I can into French and try and subtlely (with a spiky stick) push the execs towards the new world.

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