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Intranet Now

Brand new intranet conference – launched

From an idea, grows an actual factual full-day conference. We have a date and venue. Come on!

‘Intranet Now’ is a brand new intranet conference, created by practitioners for practitioners. Namely, created by me and Brian, for you.

Intranet NowIt’s a full day conference with expert speakers, lots of ‘lightning talks’, and break-out sessions in the afternoon for group discussions.

Aimed at intranet managers, internal comms people, and intranet contributors from around the organisation (including HR, obviously), ‘Intranet Now’ promises to be a practical and dynamic day. There’s nothing else like it when it comes to the intranet.

‘Early-bird’ tickets are now on sale – only for a fortnight, before the standard price kicks in.

Please book your ticket as soon as possible to get the best price for yourself.

  • Tuesday 2nd September
  • Central London, Radisson Blue Portman Square

View the ‘Intranet Now’ website – see the speakers, and buy your tickets.

There are still ‘lightning talk’ slots available for practitioners to share their experience – contact me via Twitter or email if you have an idea.

The Twitter hashtag is #IntranetNow – please help spread the word.

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