Intranet Now diamond award

The Intranet Now diamond award

A record of the first Intranet Now diamond award, which I was pleased to create and present.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, so today I want to start an annual tradition”, is how I introduced the Intranet Now award to a surprised audience.

Brian and I told no one of the plan to launch an award – there was no nomination process and no marketing, and so we were able to literally surprise the winner and the audience.

The award is given to an individual, not a company, not an intranet. It is awarded for remarkable contribution to the intranet community – and so it focuses on contribution, as well as excellent work.

Our first winner is Martin White. Although this year’s ‘award ceremony’ was rushed, it was a complete surprise and it is expected that Martin will present the award to the 2015 winner in a more formal ceremony.

Martin White, Brian Lamb, and Wedge.

Above, Martin White opens the box, with Brian Lamb, and then Wedge on the far right.


The Intranet Now diamond is awarded to individuals for their remarkable contribution to the intranet community.

Receiving the Intranet Now award

Above, Brian Lamb, Martin White with the massive diamond, and Wedge.

Martin White and Intranet Now award

Martin White has contributed so much to information management, search principles, and intranet design, over a good period of time and further, shares his experience freely and widely.

If you’re wondering whether you were on the long-list, then the answer is yes. The short-list was very difficult to put together, and Brian, Wedge, and Martin look forward to presenting the next diamond at Intranet Now 2015.

Photo credit: Antonio Salgado of Capturise, copyright Intranet Now and Wedge.

[ Wedge ]

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