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Intranet Now conference – confirmed and F. A. B.

I’m half-sure you know I’ve launched a brand new intranet conference, with my conference partner, Brian Lamb, and if you’re in the UK, perhaps you’ve got your ticket already.

If so, thank you; I can’t wait to welcome you to the massive rooms we have!

If not, let me give you a run-down of how things have been going. With less than one month to go, everything is F. A. B.

⋎ Click to start this new 2.6 minute video – it’s me, have a listen.




By intranet practitioners, for intranet managers, contributors, and internal comms people of all kinds. It is:

  • low-cost – check tickets now;
  • central London, Radisson Blu, Portman Square hotel;
  • 2nd September 2014;
  • mixed format – invited speakers, interviews, lightning talks, and unconference group discussions.


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