Intranet governance across multiple brands – Neil Morgan at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen

Neil Morgan @rasneil works at Richemont International – a group of companies with 30,000 employees across dozens of brands, including Cartier and Mont Blanc.

This is a live blog, these are my notes from the IntraTeam conference.

Four pillars across the digital workplace:


Content and communication


Application integration.


SharePoint personalisation allows for targeted comms based on office location.

People can also add their favourite ‘spaces’ to the “Quick Access” menu.

Content and communication

Global comms across the Group of companies.

Targeted comms for locations and entities, managed by local teams in local language.

Mobile log in – username and password.

I notice that the page looks simple, very very short paragraphs. Lots of “I want to …” menu items.

Team Space

Team Spaces – each team decide what they need in their Team Space so they can collaborate in the way they want. Neil cannot guess their needs. I wonder what guidance he offers? Team Site configuration can be bamboozling for people who hasn’t got 35 minutes to understand the tools and options.

Discussion Forum – Neil will come back to this, but I’m usually cynical about Forums unless a clear, strong, specific purpose is established.

The digital / intranet team moved off an internal WordPress blog to a Team Site blog.

OK, I’ve been trying to upload a photo and time and Neil have moved on.

Once Neil discussed the levels of application integration, he went on to explain the robust process that a ‘Maison’ (check his definition) must follow in order to have an intranet of their own.

There then comes a comprehensive governance matrix of responsibilities, and I’m going to have to ask him for a copy of the slide as it is very good.

Note: use Jira to track feature requests and progress. Share.

The Digital Workplace Team is made up of:

  • Digital Services team
  • Internal Communications
  • Human Reources
  • IT / Digital / Marketing


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