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Would you like to team up to write about internal communications?

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I’ve been writing about comms for years now, and seriously talking about good practices for over a year. Considering Chris Brogan’s prediction that solos will need to consolidate and collaborate in 2010, I’d like to throw out an idea and invitation to you.

lego-doughIf you’re working within an Internal Communications department, would you like to join me and write about comms (writing, intranet, email, presenting, scripts etc.) here at kilobox communiqué?

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Frank’s naked truth about HR communication

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I just have to point you to Frank Roche‘s 35 bullet points about Internal HR Comms – I particularly like numbers 4, 19, 21, 26 and the last one.

The design of your comms matters. The tone, the voice, of your comms matters. You don’t have to write the perfect communiqué – you do have to consider your audience and write for them, not yourself or your boss or the content expert.

Jakob says social media has hit the intranet

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You might guess from my previous intranet posts that I’m reflecting on the use of social media behind the firewall, within the intranet. Jakob Nielsen’s latest report comes a good time for me then, and there’s plenty for all of us to read and ruminate on.

While the focus of social media and Web 2.0 stuff might be wikis, blog comments, Twitter and social profiles, Jakob reminds us that getting stuff done isn’t about installing the latest tools on our infrastructure:

…organizations are successful with social media and collaboration technologies only when the tools are designed to solve an identified business need.
Jakob Nielsen

It all comes back to what problem are you trying to solve? What process would you like to improve?

If, like me, you’re a Twitter addict then all solutions seem to revolve around micro-blogging and status updates. When all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail… So Jakob reminds us that we must have a business need before we embark on a project to socialise the company, and I might remind myself that until I know what we want to achieve, I can’t go shopping for tools.

I very much suggest you read Jakob’s single web page and explore the links:


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Internal Communications at TweetCamp

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‘TweetCamp’ was a ‘BarCamp’ like UnConference held in Richmond on Saturday 27 June.

I realise I’ve just opened with three geeky nouns that may make no sense to half my readers; I’ll start again.

‘TweetCamp’ was the name of the Twitter get together that I attended and participated in on Saturday. It was hosted by GumTree in the GumTree / eBay / PayPal offices in Richmond.

As it was a ‘Camp’, the day was fairly unstructured, with a good deal of the content being provided by attendees, who were all active participants, rather than passive ‘attendees’. The organisers had worked with various sponsors to provide food, drinks and treats for everyone, so there was a good buzz going right from the 9:30am breakfast with mymuesli.

We were all there to talk about our use of Twitter; I first heard about TweetCamp on Twitter (tickets arranged through EventBrite) and I signed up without really knowing what it was all about. I was excited to think I might meet some of my friends and followers from Twitter.

TweetCamp Circle

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Twitter integration


Who suggested blogs need a field for Twitter in the comments?

If you’re running WordPress, search for ‘automagic’ in the Admin > add plugin section.

Use the email address you use on Twitter in my comments and your Twitter name will automagically be added to all your comments.

Anyway, it’s Red Nose Day so I am officially off duty now.


The people of 2008, the friends of 2009

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It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to beI’ve already mentioned my important projects and how I mean to focus my attention – while I love a fresh new year, I don’t need the 1st of January to make me work on my ambitions; I work on my personal development every day – so you can check out my current projects and priorities if you like. It’s important to have mini-project plans in order to keep yourself on track; if you are making resolutions and intend to sort things out this year, don’t burn-out in the first month, rather, ensure you have enough milestones in the mid to long-term to give yourself something to aim for throughout the year.

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